Dementia Care

Many elderly people can develop dementia, whether it’s due to Alzheimer’s disease or to other causes. Our staff are trained to care for residents when dementia symptoms surface or progress. This means residents can remain in our care home, where they feel safe and at home, and we can provide high quality care.

Dementia care facilities, staff skills and environment are hugely influential factors in your decision, especially when a person’s life is already being changed by dementia.

Wellcross Grange Nursing Home cares for residents with a range of nursing needs. This includes dementia care. We treat dementia residents with kindness, dignity and respect them as individuals.

"Wellcross is a very friendly care home. My wife is partially blind, as well as suffering from Alzheimer’s. She has received kindness and excellent care from everyone since she arrived over two years ago."

 - Anonymous family member of a resident

We Understand Dementia & Dementia Care Needs

Dementia is not a natural part of getting older; it’s a term covering several conditions that progressively affect the brain. These include Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Lewy Body dementia and frontotemporal dementia.

The decision to move into a care home, or to help a relative make that decision, is seldom easy, particularly if your loved one needs dementia care.

Our entire ethos centres around forming supportive, trusting relationships with our residents. We ensure our nurses and carers receive up-to-date dementia care training, so they can support your loved ones.

We take the time to properly get to know everyone who comes to live with us. By exploring each resident’s life and personality, we can understand their triggers and specific struggles. This enables us to create individual care plans and means we can help them live the fullest possible lives, even with dementia.

We Make Life With Dementia As Comfortable As Possible

Stimulation, enjoyment and fulfilment are all perfectly possible when living with dementia. Yet this requires the right environment and the right level of support.

Familiarity is fundamental to reducing confusion. Our size, our staff and the welcoming feel we’ve created all help our residents feel secure and positive.

As part of getting to know each resident, we explore their likes and dislikes. This helps us organise activities that they enjoy.

Our beautiful gardens provide a calm, comforting safe space. A place where residents can remain connected with nature.

Moving Into Care

We are there every step of the way to support the move into care. They help residents move into a room and meet other residents. They also create an individual dementia care plan that makes you or your loved one comfortable.

As dementia symptoms progress, we provide a safe place with 24-hour care staff support. Our friendly staff and matron are on hand around the clock to help residents feel safe and at home.

Our beautiful care home on the outskirts of Horsham, West Sussex, makes residents feel at home from day one.


When symptoms of dementia progress, having access to great facilities is important. Our dementia care facilities keep residents safe and comfortable.

We encourage people to decorate their rooms, for example. Having their own photos and personal possessions around can make them feel more at home.

Many rooms have an ensuite with accessible features. This makes bathing and using the toilet safer.

All rooms are equipped with a nursing call system. This ensures residents can access nursing assistance 24 hours a day.

Care Home Staff

Our staff are highly trained in dementia care. They are friendly and welcoming, providing essential care for day to day life and more. During every stage of dementia, we treat residents with dignity, respect and kindness.

Our team is always organising mentally stimulating and social activities for all our residents. Mentally engaging activities like music for memory are ideal for those who suffer from dementia.

We also schedule regular visits from friends and relatives.

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Dementia Guides

We are committed to helping you find the best care for yourself or a loved one who is dealing with dementia. 

If you are looking for a dementia care home for a loved one, you should talk to them about their preferences. This will help you choose a place where they will be content.

Wellcross Grange Nursing Home may be right for you, or it may not be. Read the advice below produced by Alzheimer's Research UK, NHS England and the Alzheimer's Society. It will help you to ask the questions to be able to make the right decision.

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Genes and dementia

This Alzheimer's Research UK booklet is for anyone who wants to know more about the link between genes and dementia. This includes people living with dementia, their carers, friends and families

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Living well after diagnosis

This is quite a comprehensive guide put together by the Alzheimer's Society. It is most useful for those with an early diagnosis.

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Dementia diagnosis and management

This document was brought together with the aim of supporting GPs to identify and appropriately manage dementia patients in the primary care environment. As such it is an interesting resource for those wishing to understand dementia diagnosis and management in the UK.

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Contact us today on 01403 790388 to discuss your situation - we are here to help you every step of the way. Alternatively, you can use the 'Contact Us' form to get in touch.